WindRams Premium Prescription Sports Eyewear

A Colorado Company


Established in 2005, WindRams Premium Sports Eyewear has been selling high quality prescription sports eyewear to wholesale buyers and distributors across the planet.

Designed and developed in Colorado, all of our products are molded in TR-90 nylon, the best sports eyewear frame material, featuring the highest quality distortion-free lenses.

We offer Wholesale and Distributor Pricing.  If you would like to purchase a pair of WindRams for yourself, please purchase from our shopping cart, or visit one of our Retail Partners located on our Retail Location Map.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much. ~ Randy Karasik, President

WindRams Premium Sports Eyewear, a Colorado company
Colorado, USA, Earth - where high octane athletes live and play

Colorado, USA, Earth - where high octane athletes live and play

The WindRams Logo Design


WindRams Premium Sports Eyewear has been producing and selling high-quality products since 2005, and has proudly displayed our original artwork depicting a Ram’s Head directly on the product and the packaging as well. This artwork has been awarded a copyright by the US Copyright Office on May 24, 2004 (VAu623-354). It is the original artwork of WindRams Premium Sports Eyewear, current holder of the copyright and trademark as described.